General Medical Test (HCW)

HCW is a medical record issued by that confirms that you do not declare / or declare symptoms of a list of diseases (acute, chronic, or infectious) that causes you to be incapable of performing your duties. Drugs & Alcohol online testing included. Price: 19 euros. Place order.

Getting your health check online offers several advantages:


  • Among other things, we will do the fullest possible check on your health. Still, it’s helpful to see a doctor from time to time, right?


  • We hope, of course, that there will be no serious health issues. But if that happens, we will harness the full potential of our team so you can receive adequate and timely help and treatment.


  • Saves time – spend your time pleasantly, not in a queue
  • Saves money – An HCW from an online clinic is cheaper for you, for the taxpayer, and cuts out transport costs
  • Less spread of infection – You don’t need to sit among sick people in the waiting room
  • Saves doctor time – It keeps appointment slots at the doctor’s surgery available for those who may be more unwell

Click on the link below, pay the tiny fee and you’ll proceed with HCW. For more information see how it works