The ectropium

When the eruption is due to skin pulling and due to its cicatrial contraction, the ectropium is called cicatrial. Severe cicatrial ectropium occurs in severe forms of Lupus disease and in the burning of the facial skin. They turn out to be the most radical plastic surgery.

Even with the cicatrial ectropium, due to the deviation of the lacrimal point from its normal position, the suction of the tears makes it difficult and a persistent tear occurs. The tears macerate the skin of the lower eyelid, leading to its examaterization, further cyclization, and enhancement of the ectropium.

With more pronounced ectropium and longer rubbing, keratitis is often manifested.

Treatment of cicatrial ectropium is operative – plastic.

Elderly ectropium is the most common form of ectropium. It is due to the weakening of the tone of the orbicular muscle and loss of elasticity of the skin. The lower eyelid hangs slightly down and its free end is turned outwards. At the same time, the tear point moves away from the eyeball and the tear pond, causing permanent tearing. It, in turn, leads to maceration and exacerbation of the eyelid skin. The latter, along with the atrophic changes of the skin along with it, help the ectropium to become stronger.

Elderly ectropium treatment is the only operative.