In addition to online telemedicine consultation, we can provide adequate treatment in your home country. Your treatment can be controlled from here, from Europe. This will ensure that you are treated adequately. Your local doctors will be actively consulted by our specialists, aware of the latest world news and trends in medicine. As with the latest drugs.

If you are being treated incorrectly, you will be informed immediately.

Hey, this is serious.

For example, glaucoma. If you get the wrong treatment, you will, unfortunately, go blind. Definitely. But you no longer care – one of Europe’s leading glaucoma therapists works with us.

If you strictly follow our advice, it is almost certain that you will retain your eyesight.


Our Services:


We provide care in the following fields of medicine: Eye Diseases (glaucoma, etc.), Cardiology, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Skin & Venereal Diseases, Infectious diseases, Dentistry, Clinical Laboratory, and others.


1. A second opinion on your diagnosis (price: 15 euros). Place order. Your case will be considered by a specialist, including your medical records. You will receive an expert opinion on the correctness of your diagnosis.


2. Preventive online test (price: 17,90 euros). Place order. If we find that you have an indication of a problem with your health, you may benefit from one of the following services:


3.  Direct advice on your already existing or new health problem (price: 22 euros). Place order. The consultation is done only on the basis of your medical records or through a direct interview online (at the doctor’s discretion). When follow-on care is needed, appointments are booked with an appropriate doctor by our medical network, conveniently located near the patient.


4. Monitoring and control in the treatment of chronic disease (price: 30 euros/year). Place order. Here you will receive direct consultation, several times within 12 months: we will monitor your condition, control if everything is done in the right way and we will alert in a timely manner if any problem arises.


5. Monitoring and control in the treatment of acute illness (price: 16 euros). Place order. Here you will receive direct consultation about the correctness of your diagnosis and treatment. We will monitor your condition, control if everything is done in the right way and we will alert in a timely manner if any problem arises.


6. One-year prophylactic control of your health (price: 82 euros). Place order. The service includes six online prophylactic tests and immediate intervention by us if your condition requires medical advice.


7. The expertise of results from a clinical laboratory (blood, tumor markers, urine test, etc.). Price: 15 euros. Place order. You will receive a written opinion from a European doctor. Analyze your results with an opinion if alarming indicators are found in the clinical laboratory results.


8. Online consultation on your dental problem. Price: 8 euros. Place order. Book an appointment with a local dentist if needed.



9. Pharmacological consultation online. Price: 8 euros. Place order. Get competent online advice and choose the right medication for you.


10. Do I have cancer? Price: 15 eurosPlace order. Hey, this is really serious! In many cases, cancer is treatable if detected on time. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct periodic cancer studies.  The research is carried out according to our methodology, in cooperation with a local laboratory, which is paid for separately.


If the PLACE ORDER link is not active, this means that, unfortunately, we currently do not have free doctors to perform this service. Please try again later. Thank you.




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