First, you have to choose the service you want.Please click the Services  Link in the menu above. Then you have to pay. After payment, please check your email and follow the instructions.

Popular Services:

Direct advice on your already existing or new health problem (price: 22 euros).

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The consultation is done only on the basis of your medical records and online health check or through a direct interview online (at the doctor’s discretion). When follow-on care is needed, appointments will be booked with an appropriate doctor by our medical network, conveniently located near the patient.


A second opinion on your diagnosis

Whatever your illness – your case will be considered by a specialist, including your medical records. You will receive an expert opinion on the correctness of your diagnosis. Price: 15 euros.

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Preventive online health test (price: 17.90 euro).

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Well, we will do the fullest possible check on your health online. Still, it’s helpful to see a doctor from time to time, right?

We hope, of course, that there is nothing seriously with your condition. But if that happens, we will harness the full potential of our team to receive adequate and timely help and treatment. If we find that you have an indication of a problem with your health, you may benefit from one of our services. For more information see how it works


Dental Services

Online consultation on your dental problem. Price: 8 euros. Place order. Book an appointment with a local dentist if needed.


The expertise of results from a clinical laboratory (blood, tumor markers, urine test, etc.). Price: 15 euros.

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  1. Place your order and pay.
  2. You’ll receive instructions on what lab tests you should do.
  3. Visit a local medical lab and show our instructions. Do the indicated blood and/or urine tests.
  4. Scan or capture lab results with your phone and sends it to
  5. You will receive a written opinion from a European doctor. Analyze your results with an opinion if alarming indicators are found in the clinical laboratory results.


Do I have cancer?

Hey, this is really serious! In many cases, cancer is treatable if detected on time. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct periodic cancer check up. Price: 15 euros. Place order. The research is carried out according to our methodology, in cooperation with a local laboratory, which is paid for separately.