Telemedicine – the future of dermatology


Timeliness of a visit to a doctor is the most important health factor. As for the timing of the onset of the disease, they are different for each disease. If we talk about HIV infection, for example, many patients mistakenly believe that after passing a blood test three to five days after contact with a partner with an unknown health status and receiving a negative result forget that the incubation period for this disease is from three to six months, and the analysis must be repeated several times.

The correct diagnosis and treatment of the disease at an early stage undoubtedly affects the outcome of treatment, possible complications and the quality of the patient’s future life. The fact is that sexually transmitted diseases are especially dangerous because of the difficult diagnosis, the absence of obvious signs in the early stages, much, of course, depends on lifestyle. If a person lives in marriage, leads a measured lifestyle, has one permanent sexual partner, then it is enough to take tests for possible diseases once a year. If a person leads, so to say, a “single” lifestyle, he has numerous sexual relations with different partners, then diagnosis is necessary at least once every three months or before changing a sexual partner. Of course, one should not forget about various methods of contraception, a condom was and remains the best means of barrier contraception.

The danger of the consequences of STIs – complications of such diseases – infertility. Due to self-medication or untimely access to a doctor, sexually transmitted diseases become chronic. Here, the patient’s attitude to his health, timely diagnosis and proper treatment of patients are very important.

The world classifier of diseases, among them – syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, human papillomavirus and others. The human papillomavirus can generally be called one of the main problems of the 21st century. It is most dangerous because in many cases it causes cervical cancer. According to world statistics, 17 women die from this disease every day.

In our opinion, the problem of educating the population is gaining leading importance. Unfortunately, the bulk has insufficient knowledge about the ways and methods of infection with dermatovenereological diseases. A separate topic is a prevention and diagnosis in family planning. There are many cases when women find out that they are sick with certain genital infections, while already pregnant, of course, all this affects the life and health of the unborn baby, children acquire congenital diseases.

Our main task is to improve the quality of medical care for our patients, to prevent morbidity to the extent possible.
The telemedicine system will allow online consultation of local doctors in villages and small towns, and patients will be able to receive the necessary help around the world at any time. Such telemedicine, in our opinion, is very effective, this method does not require significant costs and most importantly – it saves time and significantly helps both physicians and patients.