“Telemedicine is ideal for psychiatry because we do not need to check the internal organs of patients.”

Dr. Avrim Fishkind


Telepsychotherapy not only creates additional conveniences for doctors and patients but is an urgent need. Often patients live in areas where there are no psychiatrists conducting private practice, and in hospitals, the position of the full-time psychiatrist is not provided.

In addition, distance psychotherapy is used to treat prisoners in prisons and to treat patients at home.

“Telemedicine is ideal for psychiatry because we don’t have to check the internal organs of patients,” Dr. Avrim Fishkind. “We are just talking to them.” It is difficult to imagine a discipline better adapted to television sessions, with the possible exception of radiology. Everything is very easily implemented, replicated and expanded. That’s why telemedicine is developing so fast. ”

Telepsychiatry is an excellent platform for expanding the scope of electronic medical records, in which the doctor records information about the patient’s condition.