Curvilinearity – friendly and paralytic

Definition:Marital Curvilinearity is a marked deviation in one eye with a preserved neuromuscular apparatus. It occurs in childhood (1-3 years). Deviating on the eye may not be permanent, but this should be preceded by lasting Curvilinearity.
The marriage wing differs from the paralytic possibilities in some news:
1. Eyes kept from the eye which are preserved under the influence; 2. The angle of the curve is always one independent of the viewing direction;
3.If it closes the healthy eye, with which the angle of deviation is equal to the angle of deviation of the healthy eye; 4. Do not double pattern, dizziness, false localization of objects in space, and there is no compensatory tilting of the head to avoid double images.

Clinical picture

The reasons for the appearance of associate hypocrisy with different. Over time, you may find excessive eye ability (sight and short-sightedness) that must match the fit between accommodation and physiological convergence (visual axis preservation). The importance of these is a built-in blurring of vision, added by muscle imbalance, as well as some anatomical news about the eye sockets and internal eye muscles. When the curvilinear eye deviates from its normal position, it no longer locks with its anatomical fixation point located in the retina. There are visual islands of the distant eye, which is greatly reduced (amblyopia).

Hypocrisy is easy to combine and complex and workable. Our attention is taking care of the return of the visual islands to the naked eye. Introduce yourself with goggles with corrective steps and check exercises with the closure of the healthy eye. This is the so-called pre-optical treatment. Follow how visual islands are perceived, which create the conditions for developing a two-person look and checking for orthotic treatment. When you look at the deviation of the eye, it is large, but the muscle uniformity is restored in an operational manner. For young children, it is recommended to deal with curvature, which should start early (at least until the age of 3) and be checked to see that it is appropriate and should be lived. After 14 years of adult treatment, a reduced visual island is almost impossible. Then surgical treatment for wasp removal is applied, but there is no functional choice of hypocrisy.

The parameters can be monitored with the following features:
1. The maintenance of a sharp apple of the curvilinear eye is restricted in the area of ​​action of the affected muscle;
2. The angle of curvature increases in the direction of the paralyzed muscle;
3. Try to try to make sure that the bolt’s eye is distracted from the healthy eye and much more that has been distracted from the curvilinear eye;
4. If you look only with the closed eye, the bonus is written from double to a specimen (diploma), dizziness and incorrect localization of objects in space;
5. A decently curved head is in a compensating position to avoid double vision.
The most common are paralysis of lateral straight muscles and upper hair muscles. Paralysis is due to intoxication, inflammation, crossover, trauma, infection, and tumors in the nucleus city or in the course of the cranial nerves that innervate the external muscles of the eye.

The constant paralyzing of the curve is aimed at influencing the effect on the function of the nerves and muscles. Follow such that this is impossible, some axes must be operative.