Allergic conjunctivitis

Symptoms: Allergic reactions in humans have different signs and symptoms. Eye allergic conditions range from subtle symptoms such as itching, tearing of the eyes, accompanied by mild hyperemia to extensive inflammatory reactions. The most common symptoms are itching, burning, and watering of the eyes, as a secretion … Read more.


Viral conjunctivitis

Signs and Symptoms: Most viral infections cause mild, limited conjunctivitis, but some infections can cause severe visual impairment. The two most common forms of viral conjunctivitis are epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis and Pharyngoconjunctival  fever. Pharingoconjunctival fever is characterized by … Read more.



Definition Glaucoma is a disease, and one of the main symptom is increased intraocular pressure. Under its influence tissue disorders of the optic nerve develop, which manifest themselves with the gradual disappearance of the visual field. The disease process ends with complete double-blindness in … Read more.


The ectropium

Turning the free eyelid outwards and moving it away from the eyeball is called ectropium. Read more.


Stye (Barley eye)

A stye is an isolated inflammation of some of the eyelid glands. There are two types: external and internal. Read more.



Definition: Chemical eye burns are most commonly of household, industrial and criminal origin – with various acids and bases. Acid burns result in necrosis (killing) of the affected tissues. In the first hours after the burn, the conjunctiva is swollen, greyish and cloudy, the cornea also … Read more.


Cataract – Causes for Occurrence, Treatment, Prevention

The lens of the eye is a transparent structure that focuses the images on the photosensitive retina. Cataracts are darkened pollen in the lens. They occur when a particular protein in the lens forms abnormal clumps. They gradually become larger and affect vision. They distort or completely block the beam of light passing through the lens. “Cataract” means “big waterfall” or “huge storm” – this is how people describe their blurred vision – like looking through a waterfall. Read more.



Curvilinear – friendly and paralytic Definition Associative curvilinear expression is a marked deviation of one eye with a preserved neuromuscular apparatus. It occurs in childhood (1-3 years). The deviation of the eye may not be permanent, but it usually precedes the lasting curvature … Read more.



Definition Senile cataracts usually occur after the age of 50, affecting both eyes consistently and very rarely at the same time. The development of cataracts is a gradual clouding of the lens. It takes several months to several years. There are two forms of … Read more.