In accordance with the completed online health check, it has been established that [your-name], reports the following symptoms:

Losing a weight: [Areyoulosingonyourweight]; losing an appetite: [Areyoulosingyourappetite]; an increased body temperature: [Doyouhaveincreasedbodytemperature]; often feeling of fatigue, exhaustion: [Doyouoftenfeelfatigueexhaustion]; occasionally feeling of nausea: [Doyouoccasionallyfeelnausea]; feeling of dry mouth: [Doyoufeelyourmouthdry]; pyrosis: [Doyouhavepyrosis]; vomiting: [Areyouvomiting]; bloating and gas in the stomach: [Doyouhavebloatingandgasinyourstomach]; stomach pain: [Doyouhavestomachpain], [whetherthestomachpainis], the pain go towards the spine: [Doesthepaingotowardsthespine]; headache suffering:[Areyousufferingfromaheadache], [Whetherisaheadache], [howlongdoyousufferfromaheadache], [Howoftenyouhaveaheadache]; vomiting in headache: [Whenhavingaheadachedoyouvomit]; vertigo, dizziness: [Doyouhavevertigodizziness]; tinnitus (buzzing in your ears): [tinnitus]; vision/eye problems: [vision], [EyeProblems], eye strain: [eyeStrain]; color blindness: [Doyouhavecolorblindness]; high blood pressure: [Doyouknowifyouhavehighbloodpressure]; a throbbing heart feeling: [Doyoufeelathrobbingheart]; chest pain: [Doyouhavechestpain]; swollen neck: [Isyourneckswollen]; swallow hard: [Doyouswallowhard]; Rapid fatigue: [Doyougettiredduringtheshortwalk]; swelling around the ankles: [swellingaroundtheankles];  lower leg pain during short walking: [paininthelowerlegs]; pain in the spine: [Doyouhavepaininyourspine]; pain in joints: [Doyouhavepaininyourjoints]; cough: [Doyouhaveacough], [Whethercoughis]; a sense of suffocation: [asenseofsuffocation]; feeling numb on the left or right side of the body: [feelyourleftorrightsideofthebodytingling]; skin changes: [anyskinchanges]; nervousness: [Areyounervous]; pain in the navel area: [paininthenavelarea]; any growths in the navel area: [anygrowthsinthenavelarea]; drugs: [drugs]; Alcohol: [Doyoudrinkalcohol]; smoker: [Doyousmoke].

The patient was tested according to a method developed by the EuroeyeClinic. Blood and urine tests have not been performed.

Due to a lack of symptoms, [your-name] is advised to be subjected to regular medical examinations.


[your-name] does not declare symptoms.


Date: [Dateofcompletionofthetest]

Dr. Karulovic

Worldwide Med Clinic



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